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Can clogs hurt our feet?

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Wooden shoes are probably the most popular and most recognizable type of medical footwear. The special sound they produce when they knock on the floor has been filling hospitals, clinics and dental practices for decades. We like them for their robustness, their original style and their captivating comfort. But there are more and more voices,
Clogs can damage our feet. Is that true? We are dealing with this opinion!

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Are clogs healthy for your feet?
Are clogs suitable for medical shoes?
What should you pay attention to when choosing wooden shoes?

Wooden shoes, also called “clogs” or “treps”, are shoes with a specific construction. The wooden element of the sole prevents strong sweating of the feet and the development of painful wounds. The orthopaedic contour of the insole contributes to the perfect fit of the shoe and supports the foot when walking. However, this can only be said of medical wooden shoes. These casual shoes, designed for everyday use and available in popular shoe stores, are much less comfortable and can affect the condition of the feet due to an unconsidered design.

Clogs that surprise with comfort

At first glance, clogs do not make a particularly good impression. They look clunky, too edgy and – due to the solid sole – also heavy. However, this is a deceptive observation. Anyone who still decides to try them on will be surprised to find that clogs are super comfortable – almost like slippers! This surprising wearing comfort is due to their design. Archaeological research shows that wood was built as early as the 13th century – Dutch farmers used it to protect their feet from cold, wetness and cuts. At that time, they were made from a single piece of wood, which explains their name. Nobody would want to wear such 100% wooden shoes today. However, the wooden element remained in the sole and is largely responsible for the wearing comfort of the clogs. The wooden sole prevents excessive sweating of the feet and the development of burns. Mostly it is made from untreated alder, beech or birch wood, which is light and robust at the same time. Thanks to the orthopaedic profiling, it stabilizes the foot in the correct position, which, in combination with an increase in the heel area, can contribute to maintaining the correct posture and relieving the knees and spine. Then where did voices come from suggesting that cottos could damage our feet?

Clogs – Shoes that have been damaged by popularity

Although wooden shoes are mainly associated with footwear by doctors and nurses, they became very popular as recreational footwear in the 1990s. They were the undisputed hit they matched many stylings, gave them some barbs and, thanks to a small heel, extended and smuddled the legs optically. We mention this for a good reason. In recent seasons we are witnessing the return of fashion from the 90s on the front pages of fashion magazines are once again the symbols of that decade: denim katanas, bells, martens and. . . clogs! Due to the popularity of the clogs, many shoe manufacturers have included them in their offer. Clogs appeared in more and more shops and consequently on the feet of a growing number of women.

The best medical shoes? Clogs!

Manufacturers of medical footwear always put comfort first. Doctors or nurses simply have to be super comfortable, otherwise doctors would not be able to perform their duties efficiently – that is clear. Corresponding comfort is guaranteed by the special construction. Medical walkways are, as already mentioned, made of wood, mostly of alder wood. At the bottom they are provided with a rubber layer that is non-slip and shock-absorbing and ensures that the shoes do not knock when walking. The upper material is usually made of natural leather – this guarantees a good fit on the foot, high breathability and durability.

Proven brand of wood

In order not to cut into inferior shoes, always rely on well-known, proven manufacturers such as Clogsland. If you’re worried you won’t find an attractive design among doctors, rest assured – shoes for nurses and doctors look just as good as casual shoes. At you’ll find stylish, colourful medical clogs to complement your uniform perfectly.

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